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SEGURTEC-CLOUD, the best way to help your dangerous goods safety adviser

  The application SEGURTEC-CLOUD development by AITEC permits to Logistics Service Providers do a dispatch of dangerous goods according with ADR 2015. SEGURTEC-CLOUD offers an innovative solution in the supply chain for the transport of dangerous goods. It will also provide carrier, loading and unloading sites with all applicable technical requirements on the basis of specific shipped dangerous products, helping all participants in the supply chain to fulfil with their responsibilities along all the road transports of dangerous goods and contributing on an efficient and synchronized supply chain of the transport of dangerous goods according with EU Directives. The application SEGURTEC-CLOUD gets reduce to ZERO the human mistake and reduce drastically unsafe conditions during the transport of dangerous goods.   Furthermore, SEGURTEC-CLOUD considered the IMDG and RID codes. All inform about SEGURTEC-CLOUD is available on this web page: http://segurtec-cloud.com/en/

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