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How you can to be Dangerous Safety Adviser for dangerous goods transport?

Directive 96/35/EC of 3 June 1996 and ADR for the transport of dangerous goods by road, focing the appointment of a DGSA to all those companies whose business involves: Transport of dangerous goods Packaging, loading and unloading operations of packed goods Loading and unloading of bulk dangerous goods and tanks To obtain a Certificate of DGSA (dangerous goods safety advisor) is not required any previous qualification, however it is necessary to pass an examination set by authorities in each region to enable the DGSA certificate valid for all Europe. AITEC provides anyone interested in the DGSA certificate with an E-LEARNING COURSE which prepare the exam to obtain or renew this certificate. This course is monitored by DGSAs with large experience in this field and in training actions All information about the Online Course for obtain or renew the Certificate of Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser on our web: www.aitec-intl.com

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