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Low Carbon Solutions - Aitec

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Low Carbon Solutions


AITEC can make impactful contributions to help your project meet the call objectives; for example in the following topics:



Retrofit solutions and next generation propulsion for waterborne transport

AITEC has expertise in the quantification of GHG emissions following standardized protocols, and in the development of environmental impact assessments as well as life cycle assessments. As regards dissemination towards stakeholders, AITEC has developed a specific methodology that helps the identification of acceptance barriers by users’ groups., which could be applied to “facilitate take-up by key-stakeholders”, as suggested in the topic.



Reducing the environmental impact of hybrid light duty vehicles.



Next generation electrified vehicles for urban use.

Services offered by AITEC includes development of new concepts to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases emissions, scientific evidence for decision making process and planning, cross-modal transport integration solutions, and analysis of users’ needs.



Logistics solutions that deal with requirements of the ‘on demand economy’ and for shared-connected and low-emission logistics operations.

AITEC has long been involved in the development of technological solutions for a seamless, door-to-door solution that connects all the members of the supply chain (shippers, carriers, loading and unloading sites). AITEC is expert in cost/benefit analysis and multicriteria decision methodologies that can help managers (in the “prioritization and combination of competing interests from the private and public sides”, as suggested by the topic.

AITEC is also experienced in the calculation of greenhouse gases, impact assessments, and Behaviour Based Safety assessments (including training of truck drivers) and offers its knowledge in regulatory and administrative issues related with the logistics and freight transport of dangerous goods.


Parque Tecnológico. C/ Charles Robert Darwin, 20. 46980 Paterna - VALENCIA - SPAIN. Teléfono (+34) 96 136 69 69. Fax (+34) 96 131 84 82. aitec@aitec-intl.com