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Safety and security – Resilience - Aitec

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Safety and security – Resilience


AITEC can make impactful contributions to help your project meet the call objectives; for example in the following topics:


Moving freight by Water: Sustainable Infrastructure and Innovative Vessels

AITEC ́s knowledge in environmental impact assessments, safety assessments and cost-benefit analysis will contribute to the improvement of the environmental performance of the project innovative solution.

In addition, AITEC has expertise in extreme weather vulnerability assessments that can be instrumental in the development of better infrastructures and better maintenance procedures in order to increase the network resilience.

Finally, AITEC previous experience in the development of solutions for the transport of dangerous goods will be very helpful for the preparation of recommendations for the optimization of current intermodal logistic chains.


InCo Flagship on Integrated multimodal, low-emission freight transport systems and logistics

AITEC has developed integrated transport solutions for freight transport that are focused on the sharing of information by all the members of the supply chain using a Cloud platform. Future research/developments will be focused on the incorporation of new technologies for a higher control, safety and efficiency in the transport sector.

Also, AITEC’s research activity aims at improving the efficiency of port and inland terminals of containers, looking at the same time at the reduction of their environmental impact.


Safety in an evolving road mobility environment

AITEC can contribute to the achievement of this topic with its knowledge in:

Risk assessments,

Methodologies to analyze the interaction of women, men and vulnerable users with current and future traffic scenarios,

Training courses (Behavior based safety courses for drivers).


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