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Launch of a new Toolbox for Gender Equity

AITEC has recently launched the Toolkit4fairness Toolbox on the market in order to help companies improve gender equality plans. This Toolbox is useful for: Companies in the freight transport sector. Companies that provide public transport services, such as rail, metro or shared bike. Companies that design public transport infrastructures such as train stations, metro, buses, etc... Companies that design or manufacture autonomous vehicles. This Toolbox provides the most appropriate recommendations for: A specific profile of women who use public transport, who are hired by a company in the transport sector or who are going to use an autonomous vehicle. Considering the current situation of the company that offers transport services (for this you must first fill out a self-assessment questionnaire). And it is also capable of making impact predictions based on data in the event that one of these recommendations is implemented, in this way the company can assess the impact of implementing something without making any prior financial investment.

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