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Start Date: 01/12/2018


Current transport systems do not sufficiently take into account physical and social characteristics of women in the design of products and services, and in fostering women's employability in the industry.

Men and women mobility behaviour and participation in transport-related jobs is different. Nevertheless, when addressing women inclusion in transport systems, it is of central importance to understand what a fair inclusion is and when women are actually discriminated compared to men.

On the other hand, current shift in the transport and mobility paradigm: e.g. changes in vehicles use and ownership, autonomous vehicles, greening, digitalisation etc., creates new opportunities in terms of business models, job positions and skills. This shift should be seen as an opportunity remodelling transport systems to become more inclusive, safe and secure for women, from both the employment and service perspective. In order to seize this opportunity, a deep understanding of women's needs linked to their physical and psychosocial characteristics will be analysed in DIAMOND project.

Take part in the DIAMOND project and help us build a more gender-inclusive transport system!

As part of the activities of the project, we are inviting you to participate in our cross-country surveys aiming at collect knowledge on what people consider to be of the most important in terms of railways infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, bicycle sharing and women's employability in the transport sector.

Please, help us in this task filling the survey that you can find in the following link:




DIAMON's main goal is to turn data into actionable knowledge with notions of fairness, in order to progress towards an inclusive and efficient transport system.

DIAMOND project will identify, design and evaluate specific measures for fulfilling the needs and expectations of women as users of different transport modes and as jobholders in the sector.

In order to reach the objective of the project participatory processes in knowledge building where the whole society provides their inputs, enabling an open, anonymous and wide co-creation process will be used together with the use of available datasets and different procedures for the analysis of data. Data will be analysed using a structured analysis of different transport roles for women according to their age, family settings, ethnic, disability, culture, etc. The analysis to be developed combines computational analysis (e.g. machine learning, AHP, data mining) and socio-economic, demographic and psychological analysis, which will contribute to the model of fairness.

DIAMOND project will make concrete advances in four real-world scenarios (use-cases) where inclusiveness is currently a central issue:

1.- railways and public multimodal transport,
2.- automated and interconnected vehicles,
3.- vehicle sharing and
4.- corporate social responsibility and employment.

The project will i) generate and disseminate recommendations and protocols for a fair inclusive transport with the aim of engaging the transport community, public authorities, educational communities and the society at large; and ii) will identify developments and challenges related to inclusive mobility and related needs for skills and opportunities for professional careers.

DIAMOND Toolbox For Gender Equity Planning

As an outcome of the project, a cloud based toolbox has also been released that enables organisations to create or improve gender equity plans. The toolbox has been developed by AITEC, and comes as part of consultancy services for gender equity planning in organisations. To know more about the toolbox :

DIAMOND Toolbox - An Overview (Presentation for Europe Gender Ambassador Network Meetup)


December 2018 - January 2022


This project is financed under the H2020 framework. Topic call: MG-4-3-2018- Women in transport. Project reference: 824326


For more information check the project website: https://diamond-project.eu/

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