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Start Date: 01/01/2022

Public support for the promotion abroad

AITEC is a center of technology, established as R&D performing SME. AITEC was founded in 2002 and obtained the stamp of innovative SME granted by the Spanish Ministry in 2016. Its main objective is the uptake, promotion and diffusion of technology, through the provision of advanced technological services, the assistance and diffusion of technology, R&D&i projects, and in general, with as many activities that can contribute to improving competitiveness; contributing to the development of innovative technological processes in the business sector.

AITEC has two main business areas: 1) advisory and training area in the fields of transport and storage of dangerous goods, training services for companies, and carbon footprint calculations, and 2) R&D projects area focused on the development of technological solutions in accordance with new Technologies of Transport and of the Industry 4.0, as well as new solutions to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in accordance with the EU objectives.

The internationalization plan for the 2021-2022 financial year focuses on fostering both business areas, so as to give greater visibility at an international level of our main research and knowledge lines, as well as launch oone of our last technological developments, gADGeTs.



The main objective of AITEC with this internationalization plan financed 50% by the Conselleria de economía sostenible, sectores productivos, comercio y trabajo is:
- To increase the international sales of a digital solution developed by AITEC for the transport of dangerous goods called gADGeTs, through:
1.- Improvement of the SEO positioning of our websites and digital tools associated with gADGeTs.
2.- Commercial visits to some companies in the transport sector abroad.
- Internationalization of the tasks carried out in R&D, through:
1.- Participation in international forums for R+D+i projects
2.- Publication in scientific-technical magazines.
This internationalization plan has been carried out from July 1, 2021 to July 1, 2022.


From 01/07/2021 to 01/07/2022


AITEC Asesores Internacionales SRL wants to thank the co-financing received by the Conselleria de Economía sostenible, Sectores productivos, comercio y trabajo a través del expediente INTPRM/2022/569

Parque Tecnológico. C/ Charles Robert Darwin, 20. 46980 Paterna - VALENCIA - SPAIN. Teléfono (+34) 96 136 69 69. aitec@aitec-intl.com