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LCA+LCCA for electronic devices

AITEC has developed a method for optimizing life cycle analysis (LCA) and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) for stationary batteries and other electronic devices.

This optimization method is based on a traditional LCA and LCCA from the raw material acquisition phase to the recycling and reuse of waste, going through the manufacture and assembly of the equipment.

Subsequently, the method optimizes the LCA and the LCCA based on parameters such as the location in the acquisition of raw material, as well as the location of manufacturing and assembly or use.

This LCA and LCCA optimization method for batteries and other electronic devices has been developed within the framework of the European H2020 LOLABAT project:


AITEC offers the service of the traditional calculation of the LCA and LCCA, as well as their optimization, to the stationary batteries manufacturing sector and electronic devices manufacturers.

If you think we can help you in this area, please contact:

Ashwani Malviya


Telf.: (+34) 630 32 87 63


Parque Tecnológico. C/ Charles Robert Darwin, 20. 46980 Paterna - VALENCIA - SPAIN. Teléfono (+34) 96 136 69 69. aitec@aitec-intl.com